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My Stroke of Luck comes to Marin: Best of SF Solo series

Who are you when the ‘you’ you know is gone? An Award Winning story of motherhood, family, love and overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Yale alumna Diane Barnes brings her one woman play to the Marin Center. There will be a special "talkback" with Diane and the California Neurologic Society after the show, and a meet and greet for Yalies directly following the talkback. 

Tickets available to purchase here.

Location: Marin Center 10 Avenue of Flags San Rafael, 94903

Take a look at the trailer here. 

Diane’s horse suddenly slows, then cuts across the arena. "What’s his problem?” she wonders, unaware he knows something she doesn’t. 10 seconds and a blinding headache later, she knows too.

But Barnes is in control. Has to be. A single mother of two young children, they are foremost in her mind. Yes, she has the worst headache of her life. And yes, she knows headache is a symptom of stroke. A working physician (radiologist), she diagnoses strokes every day. And she knows something many might not - that the average person loses 1.9 million brain cells every minute a stroke goes untreated. But it was twenty hours before she went to the hospital.

Extended twice at The Marsh, SF, then at The Marsh Berkeley, after touring internationally and performing at theater festivals, medical schools, universities, life long learning institutes and stroke centers, My Stroke of Luck is coming to Marin.

“Poignant… deeply moving…her stage presence glows with her personal warmth” -Huffington Post

“Compelling…thoughtful…heart-wrenching…a heartening illustration of Barnes’ sentiment, saavy and survival skills.” -San Francisco Examiner

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