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Lecture: The Convergence of AI and Scientific Computing

Please come join us for an invigorating and thought-provoking lecture by a Brown alumnus. Drinks (beer/wine) and appetizers provided by NVIDIA and Brown!

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The Scientific Computing field has always benefited from synergistic and opportunistic development in other computational disciplines. A decade ago, computer gaming drove the development of ever more powerful consumer-grade parallel processors, and the scientific computing community eagerly adopted these GPU computing devices for their own research. The massive rise in the popularity of deep learning since 2012 has similarly powered a tremendous increase in affordable computational power. Today, there is a natural overlap between the needs of the AI community and the ever-increasing demand for computing by the development of new models for material science, climate, and other scientific disciplines. All of this comes at a time when Moore’s Law, which has powered exponential growth in computing power for four decades, is ending. This has profound and interesting implications for all of these fields – AI, Graphics, and HPC.

Speaker's Bio: Jonathan Cohen

Jonathan Cohen is Senior Director of Software at NVIDIA, where he leads engineering and research teams developing AI software. Jonathan recently returned to NVIDIA after spending three years at Apple as Director of Software Engineering, where he led algorithm simulation and verification as part of Apple’s Autonomous Systems project. Prior to his stint at Apple, Jonathan held many positions at NVIDIA over eight years, first as a member of NVIDIA Research developing parallel numerical algorithms, then in technical leadership roles within the CUDA organization. In 2013, Jonathan founded and then led NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Software organization.

Earlier in his career, Jonathan developed technology for the feature film visual effects industry, earning film credits on movies including Spider-Man 3 and The Cat in the Hat. His work in the use of computational fluid dynamics for the visual simulation of smoke, fire, and water was recognized with an Academy Award for Technical Achievement in 2008. He received his undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Brown in 2000.

Location: NVIDIA Campus, 2788 San Tomas Expressway, Santa Clara, CA 95051 

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Enter through the glass doors and meet reception at the top of the stairs, Endeavor Heart Lobby.”

Hosted by: BCSV & introduction by Senior Applied Research Scientist Leo Tam, ScB. ’07 Ph.D. ’13 (Yale)

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