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Native Son at the Marin Theatre Company

Join the Yale Black Alumni Association for a Performance of Richard Wright's Native Son

Native Son

About the Show

Bigger Thomas dares to want more out of life. Things start looking up when he lands a plum job with the well-to-do Dalton family, but their daughter Mary proves to be as dangerous as she is alluring. A fateful decision sends Bigger down a violent and inescapable path. Misrepresented and underestimated by everyone around him, Bigger has no one to turn to except himself. Using W.E.B. DuBois' theory of double consciousness as a guiding principle, this fresh 90-minute adaptation of Native Son focuses on the landscape inside the mind of Bigger Thomas, bringing the power of Richard Wright’s novel to life for a whole new generation.

MTC is proud to bring Ms. Kelley’s heart-stopping, urgent and expressionistic adaptation of Wright’s groundbreaking novel to the West Coast, following its sold-out World Premiere at Chicago’s Court Theatre in 2014. Nambi E. Kelley was a finalist for the Francesca Primus Award for her work on Native Son, and is currently the 2015-2017 playwright in residence at The National Black Theatre in NYC. Ms. Kelley will be joining MTC’s artistic team and the play’s originating director Seret Scott for the MTC production.

Date: Sunday, February 5, 2017

Time: 2pm-4pm

Tickets: Go to bit.ly/NativeTix and use code YBAANS50 (half priced tickets)

Please join us for a post-show Q&A/discussion after the show. The group will also head to Joe's for tacos after the Q&A! 

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