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Videre: Using Technology to Expose Human Rights Violations
Join YANA to hear a riveting presentation from Videre, an award-winning international NGO, that equips oppressed communities with cameras, tech, & training to effectively expose human rights violations, violence, & systemic abuses.

Join YANA to hear a riveting presentation from Videre, the 2016 Skoll Foundation Awardee for Social Entrepreneurship, and also featured on WIRED and TedGlobal.
About Videre
The base currency of power today is information. But while the proliferation of mobile and social media technology can spread information instantly, there are corners of the world where no information flows; places that traditional media cannot access; and communities that remain unable to tell the world of the abuses they face. Founded in 2008, Videre has a proven model to work in these difficult environments where the most egregious abuses often take place.

Videre harnesses the power of video, technology and information to give oppressed communities the ability to change their reality and hold perpetrators, including their governments, accountable.

Powering Information: Videre equips activists in hard-to-access situations with cameras, cutting-edge technology, training and around-the-clock support to safely capture, verify and distribute compelling video evidence to expose violence, human rights violations, and other systemic abuses. They strategically distribute this verified evidence to stakeholders that have the ability, and the will, to secure justice, accountability and equality on the ground; whether that be policy-makers, courts, media outlets, advocacy organizations or grassroots campaigners.

Their Results: Since 2008, Videre has trained 592 activists and journalists, and captured 2,400 hours of footage of human rights violations and social injustice. Videre has often been the primary source of visual information in the areas they operate: providing footage to over 140 media outlets, resulting in over 500 stories. They have provided evidence to pressure high-level actors to challenge perpetrators - in the past three years alone they briefed 93 governmental bodies and international organizations. Their footage has resulted in the prosecution of politicians for hate speech; in MPs curtailing their intimidation of civilians; in reducing levels of in-country violence; in exposing the activities of far right groups and their political connections; in improve awareness of the struggles of LGBTI communities; in practitioners of FGM renouncing this procedure; and in preventing attacks against civil society.

Event Details

YANA's event will start with a short bi-monthly meeting from 6:00-6:30PM to cover upcoming events, and begin Videre's presentation and Q&A at 6:30PM. Refreshments will be provided.

  • Location: Davis Wright Tremaine, 505 Montgomery Street, 8th Floor, San Francisco
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Event Information
Tuesday, Jul 12 2016 at 6:00pm - 8:00pm [ iCal ]
Davis Wright Tremaine
505 Montgomery Street, 8th Floor
San Francisco, CA

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