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Blockbuster Season, a new performance by Mugwumpin

Mugwumpin hosts Yale Club SF Night at Blockbuster Season, a physical theater piece satirizing disaster movies and media depictions of disaster. The influential ensemble is helmed by Christopher White (TD'98). Wine and artist talk after performance.

Inspired by speeches and other cliches from Hollywood disaster movies, Blockbuster Season is a furious, hilarious plunge into mass media’s influence on our perceptions of disasters and how people respond to them.

Special YCSF discount for Sunday 10/11 at 8pm PT

The great metropolis of Champlona has been leveled by a volcano. Or was it a massive tornado? A tsunami? Giant lizards from the ocean depths? Anyway. There are speeches to give, riots to quell, rubble to clear. Thank goodness city leaders have the situation in hand, right? Right. And the masses: have they become a mob? Or something more complex, and much more frightening to those in power?

Blockbuster Season runs Thu-Sun, Sept 25-Oct 18; all shows at 8pm. If you can't make Sun, 10/11, please come to another performance! Tickets available at www.mugwumpin.org/blockbuster-season/


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