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MOUNT MISERY: A Comedy of Enhanced Interrogations - Cutting Ball Theater

Enjoy 20% off tickets to the May 31st performance of this biting, funny satire. A young Frederick Douglass and Donald Rumsfeld are paired as an odd couple examining freedom and what we as a country are willing to do to hold on to our way of life.

A Comedy of Enhanced Interrogations 
Two prominent American figures. One parcel of land. All share a history that reaches across time from the genesis of the Civil War to the aftermath of the War on Terror. On a plantation called “Mount Misery” in a small Maryland town, a teenage Frederick Douglass once fought his overseer and triumphed. This moment would permanently alter the course of Douglass’ life, freeing him from fear and building a new sense of agency.

Over 150 years later, former U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld bought the mansion and property to use as a vacation home. Andrew Saito’s new play, Mount Misery, juxtaposes Douglass and Rumsfeld’s life works and philosophies. This satire examines the United States’ inconsistent progress on issues of human rights and race by imagining the two men interacting across time.

World Premiere
By Resident Playwright Andrew Saito
Directed by Rob Melrose

Sunday May 31st, 2015

The Cutting Ball Theater in residence at EXIT on Taylor
277 Taylor Street, SF

20% off general or premium tickets to the 5 pm show on May 31st.
Email boxoffice@cuttingball.com for more information.
David Sinaiko, Giovanni Adams, Lorri Holt, Geoffrey Nolan

Rob Melrose, Michael Locher, Heather Basarab, Cliff Caruthers, Heidi Hanson, Brittany White, Rem Myers, Tazwell Caputo, Chase Ramsey, Robert D. Peatman.

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