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Join YANA at the theater! We'll kick off the event at 4pm with a Q&A with YANA members, then attend Cutting Ball Theater's Antigone, the Greek play by Sophocles.


Sunday March 15 at 4pm

Join YANA at the theater! We'll be attending Cutting Ball Theater's  Antigone, the Greek play by Sophocles, in which Antigone defies the royal edict sent out by her uncle, Kreon, not to bury the body of her brother, Polynices. Exploring the struggle between the individual and the state, this elegant tragedy about tyrannical power and civil disobedience is considered to be Sophocles' masterpiece and has become synonymous with political protest. 

We'll kick off the event at 4pm with a Q&A with YANA members:

We'll discuss various aspects of theater management, such as working with other sectors and nonprofit partners to succeed, communicating your value to the community as an arts organization, and working with volunteers and a board of directors. Then we'll attend the 5pm show of Antigone.

Purchase Antigone tickets before they sell out using discount code yalealum, for 10% off Adult or Premium tickets.

  • 4pm: Q&A Location at 141 Taylor Street (just down the block from the theater between Eddy and Turk Streets in SF)
  • 5pm: Theater Location at 277 Taylor Street (Between Ellis St and Eddy St)


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