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Climate One Present: Skeptics & Smog - FREE for Yale Alums

The event will delve into the topic of carbon and climate change in today's media. Panel includes Bud Ward, Editor, Yale Forum on Climate Change and The Media.

The basic principles of human-caused climate change have been known for more than a century and are based on physics 101, chemistry 101 and economics 101. Yet the public debate about the consequences of burning fossil fuels is muddied by manufactured confusion about the science. The balance bias - giving a tiny faction of skeptics as much weight in news articles as the 97 percent of scientists publishing peer-reviewed articles - has skewed mainstream media coverage of the scientific underpinnings of climate disruption.
It is no wonder average citizens have difficulty seeing through the smoke of industry obfuscation and exaggeration spewed by some environmentalists. The Six America’s research from Yale offers a insight into what American’s really think about climate disruption. Public opinion however tends to fluctuate in part due to media coverage and extreme weather events. How well has the mainstream news media covered the carbon story? Have some reporters crossed the line from journalism into advocacy? Join a conversation with three communicators deeply involved in the public debate about carbon pollution.
Bud Ward, Editor, Yale Forum on Climate Change and The Media
John Cook, Founder, Skeptical Science; Co-Author, Climate Change Denial: Heads in the Sand
Jim Hoggan, Co-Founder, DeSmog Blog; Chair, The David Suzuki Foundation
Date: Tuesday, December 10
Location: The Commonwealth Club, SF Club Office, 595 Market Street, Second Floor, San Francisco
Time: 11:30 a.m. check-in; 12:00 p.m. program; 1:00 p.m. networking reception
Cost: $20 non-members; $12 members; $7 students - Yale Alums, use discount code "Yale" at checkout to get FREE tickets!
For more information and to purchase tickets:  http://climate-one.org/upcoming-events/skeptics-smog
Also know: The speakers and audience will be videotaped for future broadcast on the Climate One TV show on KRCB TV 22 on Comcast and DirecTV.

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