Welcome to the Yale Club of San Francisco - Purple Crayon is coming to the Bay Area in January 2013!

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Purple Crayon is coming to the Bay Area in January 2013!

Please contact Tour Manager Ruby Spiegel if you are interested in booking Purple Crayon during that time.


The Purple Crayon is beyond excited to be touring in the Bay Area this winter, from January 7th to 9th. If you are interested in hiring the Purple Crayon for either an improv show or workshop during this time please contact Ruby Spiegel, ruby.spiegel@yale.edu, or 917-697-7043.

The Purple Crayon was founded in 1985 and has been performing since then doing workshops and shows all across the country. Crayon was just featured on Splitsider's "12 Colleges with Great Improv Groups" list. The Purple Crayon does both long form and short form-improv as well as a plenty of specialty show formats, including an improvised musical, a full length fairy tale, and even a murder mystery. Workshops vary in length and intensity, covering anything from the basics of improv to the onstage development of emotional honesty and complex characters. For more information please go to the website yale.edu/crayon.

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