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Libya: Unraveling a Revolution

Ethan Chorin (TD '91) speaks on the Libyan Revolution at the World Affairs Council


The revolutions that have swept over the Middle East have captivated the world and changed the lives of millions in ways that have yet to be fully understood. What started in Tunisia and quickly spread across the Arab world, while relatively peaceful in some cases, quickly led to violent conflict in others—Libya in particular.

Drawing on extensive experience in the Middle East and Libya, and interviews with loyalists, rebels and senior US, EU and Libyan officials, Ethan Chorin will break down the Libyan revolution from the Gaddafi regime’s “rehabilitation” and acceptance by the West to the regime’s fall and possibilities for the future.

   Speaker: Ethan Chorin, Social Enterprise Fellow, Yale School of Management

   Date: Thursday, 10/25 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

   Location: World Affairs Council (312 Sutter Street, Suite 200San Francisco, CA 94108)

   Tickets: Special pricing for YCSF: $7


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