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Career Development Workshop 2011

Come join the Yale Club of Silicon Valley for an interactive day to develop a career strategy and for sustaining long-term career goals!


Career Development Workshop 2011
January 29, 2011
Offices of Accuray

1310 Chesapeake Terrace, Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Cost: $65 for the entire session
Email Mu Young Lee at
muyoung@aya.yale.edu to RSVP and for payment instructions
Join us for an all day workshop on developing your own personal career path as five of your fellow Yale alums lead you through a series of presentations and interactive sessions on building a career strategy, shaping the job market to fit your needs and interests (not vice-versa), uncovering your essential values, identifying your core strengths, and sustaining the long term commitment to your career goals throughout the changes that you will encounter.  Lunch will be provided. Networking reception begins at 3:30 PM.

Attendance is limited to 50 registrants ($65 registration fee).

RSVP to Mu Young Lee (muyoung@aya.yale.edu) to register or for questions.

If you or someone you know would like to represent your company to announce current job openings at the event please contact Mu as well, regardless of whether your plan on being a workshop participant or not.

9:15 Doors open, Sign-in
9:45 Session 1: Career Strategy – Pursuing Your Unique Career and Life Vision
Pulin Sanghvi - Yale College '92
Assistant Dean and Director of the Career Management Center,
Stanford Graduate School of Business
10:45 Session 2: Be the Market-Maker for Your Own Career
Melinda Cuthbert - Graduate School, Sociology '90
New Product Development Consultant in Health Care and Life Sciences
11:30 Announcements & Lunch
12:30 Session 3: Finding Your Essence
Jung Yoo - Yale College '98
Life and career coach
Jung Yoo Associates (
1:30 Session 4: The Career Within You
Ingrid Stabb - SOM '99
Director Marketing Programs, Saba
Co-Author, The Career Within You (
2:30 Session 5: Sustaining Change
Edna Neivert - Yale College '91
Director of Development, Montalvo Arts Center
Life and career coach (
3:00 Introductions from companies with current job announcements
3:15 Networking Reception
Career Strategy - Pursuing Your Unique Career and Life Vision
In the keynote address to the Yale Club of Silicon Valley career development workshop, Pulin Sanghvi will discuss how to develop a unique and compelling career and life vision, and how to translate that vision into a focused and effective job search. Among the topics that Pulin will cover will be the outlook for the labor market, how to develop and pursue a personal BHAG ("Big Hairy Audacious Goal"), and how to leverage positioning and networking strategies to make your unique vision a reality.
Be the Market-Maker for Your Own Career: Proactive Strategies for Thriving in a Changing Market
Many of our current views of employment are based on the economic notion of supply and demand, with the skills of the worker viewed as a commodity. This has shaped our job-seeking strategies. However, as this year's Nobel prize-winning economists theorized, even if there existed a perfectly matched ideal job for every job seeker, there will always be some level of unemployment because of inefficient information exchange and signaling within the employment marketplace. Waiting for that perfect job announcement makes you a victim of such market imperfections. Electronic job sites appear to centralize seekers, but the decisions are made in a distributed manner. The new strategies rely on proactively creating a broad net of opportunitiesvthrough understanding the market, being active in developing solutions, and employing strategies to diminish "fit friction".
Finding Your Essence: A Values Visioning Workshop
This fun, interactive workshop will set the stage for long term career change. Most people start looking in the wrong place. Find out how to approach the process by starting with your Essence. Powerful visioning exercises will give you a jump start on the process of finding lifelong fulfillment.
The Career Within You
To be successful and fulfilled, your work life must reflect your true self, including calling upon the strengths you already possess. To that end, Ingrid Stabb and her co-author wrote The Career Within You as a guide for job hunters and career changers of all stripes. The book’s individualized approach determines your career type, then helps you forge the career path that best suits you. Ingrid will be leading an interactive session that helps you identify your strengths as they relate to your work life.
Sustaining Change
Every career involves changes. Your success in adjusting to these transitions and shifts depends in part on how well you apply two key skills: will power and persistence. Yes, they are skills, not innate qualities you either have or don’t have. By understanding their physiological and psychological dynamics, you can use will power and persistence more effectively to achieve the short and long-term goals of your own, unique career path.

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