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Commemoration of Angel Island Centennial

We are seeking volunteers to help out at the Angel Island Immigration Station for the Centennial celebration.


Angel Island Centennial
Seeking Volunteers for the Commemoration of Angel Island Immigration Station
July 31st

We are hoping that volunteers will be available to help out the Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation at our Centennial Commemoration. Last year, the Immigration Station was the site of the Northern CA Association of Asian American Yale Alumni’s day of service project, as volunteers helped prepare exhibits and cleared the grounds of weeds, making a major contribution to the immigration station. Angel Island Immigration Station was the point of entry for close to one million immigrants to the U.S. from 1910 to 1940 – in some ways the Pacific version of Ellis Island, but for some the “Guardian of the Western Gate,” as some in federal government called it.  People from 80 countries passed through the station, and because of the restrictive Chinese Exclusion Acts, Chinese who sought to immigrate had to stay on the island for weeks, months, or even years. Some of them left bittersweet poems carved in the barracks' walls. The discovery of these poems in 1970 led to the saving of the immigration station. 

Here is more information about the event and discounted ferry tickets:

Volunteers can take a ferry from San Francisco (9:45 am) or Tiburon (10 am) and walk over to the immigration station and be able to enjoy the first half of our program from 11am to noon. At that time we will open the barracks for free self-guided tours and that’s where you’d come in. We need people to take two-hour shifts (noon - 2pm or 2 - 4pm) in one of the historic barracks rooms and guide people through the exhibit and encourage people to go to the next room. It would be great if you know a little bit about the station’s history, which you can learn on our website at www.aiisf.org. We also need someone to be our audio/visual techie during the program’s second part, held at the historic mess hall.

Please email Grant Din (’79), Director of Special Projects at gdin@aiisf.org or call 415-262-4433 and let him know if you’re interested.

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