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Reception and Book Signing with Lifecycle Investing Author Ian Ayres

Come hear about a "new, safe, and audacious way to improve the performance of your retirement portfolio" in Lifecycling Investing, the new book by Yale Professors Ian Ayres and Barry Nalebuff. (Presented by the Yale Club of Silicon Valley)


Lifecycle Investing
with Prof. Ian Ayres
'81 B.A., '86 J.D., '88Ph.D. (MIT)

Diversification strategy is well-known. By spreading money across different kinds of investments, investors can earn the same return with lower risk or a much higher return for the same amount of risk.  This strategy, introduced nearly fifty years ago, led to strategies such as index funds.

In Lifecycle InvestingBarry Nalebuff and Ian Ayres—two of the most innovative thinkers in business, law, and economics—propose a "new, safe, and audacious" strategy.

They have developed tools that will allow nearly any investors to diversify their portfolios over time.  By using leveraging when young—a controversial idea that sparked hate mail when the authors first floated it in the pages of Forbes—investors of all stripes, from those just starting to those getting ready to retire, can substantially reduce overall risk while improving their returns.

In Lifecycle Investing, readers will learn:

  • How to figure out the level of exposure and leverage that’s right for you
  • How the Lifecycle Investing strategy would have performed in the historical market
  • Why it will work even if everyone does it
  • When not to adopt the Lifecycle Investing strategy

Clearly written and backed by rigorous research, Lifecycle Investing presents a simple but radical idea that will shake up how we think about retirement investing even as it provides a healthier nest egg in a nicely feathered nest.

Ian Ayres is the author of the insightful Super Crunchers, and with Nalebuff, Why Not? book and website.

Join us to meet other Yale alums and chat with Prof. Ayres about Yale and his research.

Date:               Thursday, June 17, 2010

6:00 pm            Check-in/Yale Reception begins
7:00 pm            Program and Q & A
8:00 pm            Book Signing


Kellogg Auditorium
Silicon Valley Bank
3005 Tasman Drive            
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Silicon Valley Bank is located near the Great America Parkway, which connects to both highways 101 and 237.  The Kellogg Auditorium is next to the main office.

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