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Discuss the state of science in America with Chris Mooney '99.

Mooney is the co-author of "Unscientific America: How scientific illiteracy threatens our future." Talk is brought to you by the Yale Club of Silicon Valley.

Come meet Yale alums and
discuss the state of science in America

Chris Mooney '99
co-author of

How Scientific Illiteracy Threatens Our Future

Climate change, the energy crisis, nuclear proliferation—many of the most urgent problems of twenty-first century require scientific solutions.  And yet Americans are paying less and less attention to scientists.  For every five hours of cable news, less than a minute is devoted to science; according to Gallup andPew polls, a large percent of Americans do not believe in evolution; the number of newspapers with science sections has shrunk from ninety-five to thirty-three since 1989.  The gap between the scientific community and American culture grows wider every day.

In Unscientific America, journalist and best-selling author Chris Mooney and scientist SherilKirshenbaum explain how corporate interests, a weak education system, science-phobic politicians, andhyperspecialized scientists have created this dangerous state of affairs.  They also propose a broad array of initiatives that could reverse the current trend and lead to the greater integration of science into our national discourse—before it is too late.

Chris Mooney is a contributing editor to Science Progress and author of the New York Times bestseller,The Republican War on Science, and Storm World: Hurricanes, Politics, and the Battle Over Global Warming.  He contributes to many publications including WiredSlate, and The American Prospect 
and has appeared on radio and TV shows such as The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.  Chris is a visiting associate in the Center for Collaborative History at Princeton University and will be a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT for 2009-2010.

Date:               Monday, August 3, 2009

6:30 pm            Check-in/Reception with light refreshments
7:00 pm            Program and Q & A
8:00 pm            Book Signing (books for sale by Kepler's Books)

Kellogg Auditorium
Silicon Valley Bank
3005 Tasman Drive             
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Silicon Valley Bank is located near the Great America Parkway, which connects to both highways 101 and 237.  The Kellogg Auditorium is next to the main office.

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